The 2019 Arts on Amboy exhibition was up between June 1 - June 23rd, featuring 31 artists and over 75 artworks in 11 South Shore Staten Island local businesses. 

Please answer the following questions about this year's show. 


ArtBridge will be installing art on a construction shed surrounding the Google building on 15th St., via the Department of Cultural Affairs' City Canvas program, with support from Google. This art exhibition, featuring local artists, will be installed at a height of 16', and will be 4' tall by 700' long.  All art will be replicated / printed on a vinyl material that will be affixed to the construction shed.

DEADLINE: JULY 18 at 11:59PM

  • Submitted art can be photography, painting, sculpture, or any medium that can be viably replicated on a 2D surface.
  • While we will consider any artist living in NYC, we will prioritize artists who live or work locally to 15th St. and 8th Avenue.
  • ArtBridge and Google will handle all costs associated with the exhibition (printing, installation, maintenance, etc.).  Artists will be paid to participate; the fee will range from $250 to $1,000, depending on the number of artists selected and the number of works each artist will show. There is no cost to submit your work.  
  • Your artwork will be credited with your name, both on the exhibition and online.
  • ArtBridge will be solely responsible for judging submissions. 
  • Submissions must meet the criteria of City Canvas, which includes the following provisions: no text in the artwork, no nudity, no depictions of illegal activities, no hate speech, no explicitly political content.

Art will be likely be installed in mid/late August, and remain up for 4 to 7 months.

Questions: or 917-720-5742

Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering with ArtBridge! We frequently have opportunities for folks to lend a hand, from assisting with mural projects to helping to ensure a smooth fundraising event. Please fill out the form below to sign up for volunteer opportunities!

ArtBridge is now accepting art on an ongoing basis. Your submissions will be considered for all ArtBridge exhibitions that do not have sufficient time for an open call. You may submit here while simultaneously submitting the same, or different, works to specific ArtBridge projects.  

You may submit as many individual pieces or series as you see fit. Series must not exceed ten images.  

  • All genres of art, except film/video, are allowed (though film/video stills are permitted).
  • Images should measure approximately 800px on their longest side and saved at roughly 72dpi (neither has to be exact).

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